At GPG we don’t want you to feel like you are being dragged around by a guide. We want you to feel like you are out with a friend that happens to know the safest and most efficient way to get to that mega line you didn’t know existed or didn't feel comfortable skiing on your own.  To achieve this we only offer private guiding. What is private guiding? Private guiding is you and up to 4 of your friends with a GPG guide. We wont throw you in a group of speed suit wearing Italians on full rando race gear just to get the numbers up on a trip (of course you are more than welcome to wear a speed suit if thats your thing!).

Private trips allow us to tailor the skiing to you and your group. If you want to ski steep couloirs we can accommodate that. If you would like to summit peaks and ski off we can do that. If you want to rip huge turns we can make that happen. If you want to launch pillow lines we are into that. If you want a nice relaxing day skiing in the mountains we can do that too. Note: all terrain choices are subject to appropriate hazard and stability conditions and the guides discretion. This is your ski trip, private guiding allows us to cater to your specific goals, pace, and scheduling needs.

All GPG guides love to ski, whether its skiing endless pillow lines in the trees, kicking steps to the summit of a remote peak, or skiing perfect corn down to the ocean, join our guides as they show you how much fun backcountry skiing can be.


 GPG is owned by Jeff Bellis

I am a third generation backcountry skier and climber. I grew up skiing and climbing in Rogers Pass and Revelstoke and love getting out and exploring the mountains. I was fortunate to apprentice under some of the most experienced backcountry and heli-ski guides in Canada while taking my guides exams. My combination of experience and knowledge allows me to provide you with a fun, safe experience. I really like to ski! Whether its guiding a freeride camp, heli-skiing, scratching into a couloir,  or a mellow day of ski touring with my Dad (72 and still going strong) I am always excited to be on my skis in the mountains. When I am not backcountry skiing I work as Guide for CMH Helisking in Revelstoke. In the spring I head to Greenland to guide Heli-skiing and ski touring.


ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide

CAA Level 3

Occupational First Aid Level 3

CDFL Helicopter Long Line Rescuer

In the summer I am: Dangling from my paraglider, trying to keep up to my wife whitewater kayaking, getting pumped climbing, and riding my bike.