Greenland. Unimaginable Scenery. Wild remote peaks. Huge Glaciers. Icebergs!

On the eastern edge of Greenland is some of the most remote and wild ski terrain on earth. Every year in April and May the weather clears up and the skiing turns on. The skiing is in a mountain range adjacent to the Greenland icecap. The area we operate in consists of peaks up to 2000m with skiing right to the ocean. We ski on islands and in a complex fjord system which creates unmatched scenery. We routinely ski down to the pack ice and pick up beside icebergs. Our base is the small Greenlandic village of Kulusuk. Residents here still hunt by dogsled, we often see hunters out looking for seals during our ski day.

The Skiing

Greenland is poorly named, dont expect to see any trees or do any tree skiing here. Skiing in Greenland is all alpine style skiing with a mix of glaciated and non glaciated terrain. The mountain range is complex and offers an incredible amount and variety of ski terrain. We often land on summits that allow us to ski off in several directions. The glaciers range in size from 'normal' to gargantuan and are always spectacular. There are mellow rolling runs, steep faces, and fun couloirs. The snowpack in April to May is typically well settled and stable. With almost 24hrs of sun at this lattitude and skiing down to sea level the corn snow skiing sets up and rivals your best powder day. Perfect corn snow allows everyone to ski steep lines and travel fast through the terrain. The skiing is fast and fun. From our location in Kulusuk we have several ski zones in different directions that allows us to offer skiing in most weather conditions.  Each ski zone has its own distinct terrain and feel and its fun to try to visit all of them in a week.

More than Skiing

A trip to Eastern Greenland is more than a ski trip, its an adventure to the edge of the ski world. You will fly and ski through unimaginable terrain and scenery. You stay in a small Greenlandic village where life revolves around hunting for seals and fishing. The locals are very approachable and open to questions about their dog teams, seal hunting or fishing. A ride with one of the local dog teams out to a nearby icefall that flows into the ocean is a common activity. On previous trips we have taken boat rides out to icebergs or in the pack ice, and have arranged boat rides home after a day of skiing at the far end of the fjord. The view from the hotel takes in icebergs, pack ice, big peaks, glaciers, and often dog teams cruising past. The local wildlife includes arctic fox, seals, narwhal, walrus, and polar bears. Upon departure from the heliport we fly over icebergs and ocean to the first run of the day. The experience here is unmatched, you could stand on a peak looking over a fjord filled with thousands of icebergs at the biggest glacier in the world. And then you get to ski down.

SKiing Options

Heli skiing

Location: Kulusuk

Accomodation: Hotel Kulusuk

Duration: 7 days skiing (7 nights at hotel)

Program: Saturday arrive from Iceland get settled in Hotel have lunch, complete safety training and then go skiing. Sunday to Friday we get up and go skiing. As we are often chasing corn snow there are no early starts. First flight out at 10am is the norm. The long days allow us to ski very late in the day so no worries on having a 'short' ski day. Saturday its time to get on the flight back to Iceland.

Includes: Accommodation and all meals in Kulusuk, ?? hrs of Helicopter time shared between the ski group, Guiding, avalanche safety equipment, and skis/poles if not traveling with your own gear.

Not included in Package: Extra hours over the package are billed to the skiers that ski the extra time. Every effort is made to ensure efficient flying programs to maximise the skiing on the package offered. Flights to Kulusuk from Reykjavik, Iceland. Accommodation in Iceland. Flights to Iceland. Extra Hotel charges in Kulusuk.

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ski touring

Location: Kulusuk and Tasilaq Mountain Hut

Accommodation: Hotel Kulusuk and Tasillaq Mountain Hut.

Duration: 7 days and nights

Program: Arrive in Kulusuk. Get settled in Hotel, have lunch, and complete safety training. Then we go for a short warm up ski tour leaving right from the hotel. Day 2 we will fly to the Tasillaq Mountain Hut via helicopter. We will ski out of this hut until day 6. The area is surrounded by large peaks and expansive glaciers with nearly unlimited ski touring objectives.
 Day 7 is spent ski touring locally in Kulusuk. Day 8 we have time to visist Kulusuk village before flying back to Iceland. The Tasillaq Mountain Hut is warm and well equipped all that is needed is some hut clothes and a sleeping bag.

Includes: 3 nights food and accommodation at Hotel Kulusuk, 4 nights food and accommodation at Tasillaq Mountain Hut, Helicopter flights to/from hut. Guiding.

Not Included in Package: Flights to Kulusuk from Iceland, flights to Iceland, accomodation in Iceland, extra hotel charges at Hotel Kulusuk.

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