At GPG our philosophy is to have fun safely. GPG guides are certified to the highest standard for Ski and Mountain Guides. GPG only hires guides that have spent the majority of their lives skiing in the backcountry.  A depth of experience and ‘mountain sense’ is what sets great guides apart from good guides. GPG guides have apprenticed under other great guides to gain the valuable knowledge and experience they use to provide you with a fun, safe trip. All of our guides have worked extensively in the backcountry and heliski industry, gaining years of valuable experience investigating snowpacks, avalanche forecasting, and responding to emergencies.

 All GPG guides are members of the ACMG or IFMGA.

 The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) is the only certification body in Canada that trains and certifies guides to international ski and mountain guiding standards. The ACMG is a world leader in ski guiding techniques and training. All ACMG guides must undergo several years of training prior to enrolling in the guide certification program. Once enrolled a Ski Guide must complete an apprentice exam and subsequent training period followed by a full ski exam. The certification process for a Ski guide once accepted into the ACMG training program typically takes 2-3 years. Mountain Guides must pass Apprentice and Full level exams in three disciplines, rock climbing, alpine climbing and ski mountaineering. The certification process for a Mountain Guide typically takes 4-6 years. All members of the ACMG are required to maintain ongoing training and continuing professional development after they have achieved full certification. For more information on the ACMG please visit the associations website; 

The International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) is the standard setting body for internationally certified mountain guides. The ACMG has been a member of the IFMGA since 1972. Only ACMG guides that have been certified as Mountain Guides may become members of the IFMGA. IFMGA guides are certified to guide trips worldwide in other IFMGA countries. For more information on the IFMGA please visit the federations website:

The Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) is Canada’s avalanche training and certification body. All GPG guides are certified in Commercial Avalanche Operations to a minimum of Level 2 with some guides holding more advanced Level 3 certifications. The CAA level 2 certification trains guides to investigate the snowpack and forecast snow stability and hazard at a professional level. For more information on the CAA visit:

First Aid. All GPG guides have at minimum an 80hr emergency first aid course. Many of our guides have more advanced wilderness specific first aid training.  Each GPG guide will carry first aid supplies appropriate to the trip you are participating in.

Communications. During all of our trips the guide will carry at least two methods of contacting outside assistance in case of an emergency. In most locations the guide will carry a radio and a mobile phone. In some more remote locations the guide will carry a radio and a satellite phone.

 Emergency Response. Every trip that GPG runs has a trip specific Emergency Response Plan. Our ERP lays out a simple plan to respond to any incident that may occur during the trip. It includes the contact info of any outside agency that may be required depending on the severity of the incident. All guests are provided a copy of the ERP.

 Avalanche Transceivers. When you join a trip with GPG we will supply you with an avalanche transceiver. We provide our own transceivers to ensure that the units have been correctly maintained and are functioning properly. We use Mammut Barryvox Pulse and Element transceivers. These transceivers are very simple to understand, work very effectively, and are reliable.

Safety Training. All GPG guests will receive trip specific safety training at the beginning of the trip. In most cases this will include avalanche response training and a review of safe backcountry skiing practices. More complex trips may require more advanced training.

Guest to Guide ratio. At GPG our standard ratio is 4 guests to 1 guide for typical backcountry skiing. Small group size allows the guide to safely manage the group in complex terrain. This means you will get to ski in more complex and challenging terrain! Some trips/objectives may require adjustment to the Guest to Guide ratio.